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Consultancy for Technology

Our Core Areas of Specialization for your Online Presence and Marketing:

We specialize in an all-inclusive suite of services that deliver optimized procedure, incessant compliance, and optimal results. Accordingly, we are capable of providing most feasible and economic solutions in such areas as:

  • Responsive Website designing
  • Responsive E-commerce Website and highly compatible with all browsers
  • Website Programming
  • Database Design & Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • SEO & PPC
  • Social Media Marketing

Radiant International is Technology, Management consultant, having a vast experience in international market and understands the needs of customers. Our website consultancy was started with an ambition to provide high-quality web services all over the world and develop a trustworthy strategic relationship. Our solutions will strengthen your business presence, Due to advancements in technology, all barriers of communication are eliminated and the world has become a global village.

We will provide you with an innovative, attractive and professional web design that will assist you to open new markets for your business. Our developers follow an innovative access to technical solutions to present the best of your company on the World Wide Web which differentiate us from other web development companies working globally.

Our team, comprising professional software developers, IT geeks, and creative web designers, can provide turnkey web solutions by handling various aspects of setting up your online business from design, development and implementation to constant support and maintenance. We know that your website should be the unique representation of your brand, and hence undertake a peer review to understand your business and identify the industry buzz. Prior to creating visual design, we methodically develop your web business architecture and map out content in a way that would avoid any kind of flaws that would hinder your online success and generation of sales.

In addition to catering to the varied requisites of businesses within SME and large enterprises with e-commerce capabilities, we also offer professional online solutions on a wide variety of platforms and environments. Most of all, we offer guaranteed service at a very affordable pricing.

By focusing on both designs & functionality, as one would not be sufficient without the other, we create your web presence through making right use of modern technologies like Java, PHP, AJAX, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Parallax combined with a high level of creativity.

Consultancy for Fleet Management System:

Radiant International is an integrator in security systems that deal in Fleet Management System. We bring best products for fleet management system from the market, design state of art solution and through professional project management hand over to the customers.

The solutions we offer are applicable across industries and market segments, including logistics, exploration, transport etc. Provides instant information on your vehicle or/and asset location, as well as history of usage through reports that you need.

Benefits of Using Vehicle Efficiency Management

Reduction in accidents

By outfitting drivers with cautious driving procedures and danger discernment abilities, they can be more aware of potentially risky circumstances and abstain from being involved in an accident.

Improves driver safety and performance

Vehicles Efficiency Management System (VEMS) that can monitor driver performance, recognize risky practices, and gives alerts that give drivers the chance to enhance their driving style. Events are then recorded, taking into account for periodic reporting to decide a change or decrease in a driver’s performance.

Lower risk and liability cost

A safer fleet that act in accordance with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations is naturally less of a liability. And with fewer collisions as a result of improved driver behaviour, related fleet costs are kept to a minimum.

Increase in profitability

Implementation of VEMS – TK may results in reduction of operational cost up to 45% or more and influence companies to take a proper check over the driving behaviour.

Consultancy for Solar Systems:

Radiant is a consultant for Solar Systems also and works as Independent Marketing Consultant, where we provide consultancy like; providing Marketing, Lead Generation, Design, Supply, Project Management of solar systems for and with our strategic partners and principals.

Note: Batteries could be less as per the required load. Also, there is a on grid solution/design also which does not need batteries. It depends on design and approvals.

Consultancy for Exhibitions :

Radiant also offers consultancy for stalls, Kiosks etc. for exhibitions like GITEX, ADIPEC, ADINEC. This includes taking detailed requirements from the client, visiting running exhibitions to discuss new ideas and then making detailed RFP. Finalizing it with the client and getting it approved. Then helping the procurement team to float the tender. Once bids are received, review them with the client. Send any queries and clarifications to the bidders. Review the clarifications and recommend the client the best contractor for this job. After client places the order, organizing project progress meetings with the contractor and client for project tracking the project. Follow up and give the contractor all the necessary approvals to proceed with the work. Making sure that the work is finished one the day before GITEX starts. Being there on first day when everything goes live and then doing Signing off of the project.